Enmienda Orgánica

What is the organic manure?

It is a fertilizer that comes from animals, vegetable remains of food, remains of edible mushroom crops or other organic source that after a process of decomposition or fermentation, transforms this organic matter into assimilable products for the soil, without leaving polluting residues.


In NATURAL MOUTONS we elaborate and distribute, for its later sale, organic manure from 100% natural organic matter from sheep only, always from non-intensive livestock farms and avoiding all types of plant waste, sewage treatment, urban solids, etc.

Advantages of the Organic Manure

It favors the soil in its texture and structure
Improves porosity, permeability and aeration of the ground
Avoid the washing of minerals
Increases water holding capacity
Enriches the microbial life
Facilitate the exchange of nutrients

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Suppliers of organic manure of the “Huerta de Europa”, distributing both in Alicante, Murcia and Almeria and in the rest of Spain.
More than 35 years of experience

About us

Committed to the


Talking about NATURAL MOUTONS is talking about a company committed to the environment and people. A company that is dedicated, from its foundation, to the manufacture and commercialization of organic manure from 100% natural organic matter.

The parent company of Natural Moutons, Montecarrillo S.L., was founded in 1980, with a background of more than 35 years of experience in the sector, with the aim of transforming animal sheep manures into organic fertilizer for crops.

We are a family company that has managed to maintain over time the basic idea of improving agricultural production, betting on a natural compost and constant innovation..


Be a benchmark company in the application of organic manure for organic and conventional crops within the European scope.


We work with the doors opened, demonstrating total transparency in the process.

Our commitment to quality remains unchanged from the first day, based on four objectives:

Organic fertilizer

Change the concept of traditional fertilizer and replace it with an organic fertilizer, more in line with respect for the environment.

Closer production fields

Ensure to get the production fields closer in time and humify the land

Greater capacity

Increase the capacity of soils to assimilate and retain nutrients.

Land Optimization

Optimize the fertility and performance of each type of land.



Organic fertilizers NATURAL MOUTONS is located in Casasimarro, Cuenca. Its facilities, composed of a manufacturing area and a field for the deposit of organic matter, occupy more than 50,000 m2 of surface, with a 30% of the area dedicated to the storage of finished products.

We have a transformation capacity of more than 30,000 tons per year, with a raw material input volume of 65,000 m3.


In NATURAL MOUTONS we have all the necessary infrastructure to offer a comprehensive service that ranges from the collection of organic matter in our suppliers´ facilities to the subsequent fermentation process, maturation and manufacture of organic-ecological manure, without forgetting the last part as it is the distribution. All with the company´s own staff and infrastructures.

Environmental partner

NATURAL MOUTONS contribuye a mejorar el medioambiente de la comunidad favoreciendo una buena transformación de los estiércoles ganaderos que reúnan las condiciones para agricultura ecológica, al agrupar su transformación en su planta de Casasimarro, Cuenca

A good transformation also contributes to reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases from the decomposition of raw materials.

Composting consists of returning organic matter and extracted minerals to agricultural land, through harvests.

The great value bet, the true guarantee of the company and the greatest guarantee of continuity.

Our Clients


Offer to each of our customers an organic manure of the highest quality guaranteed by an official laboratory and certified by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture