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Biological and Traditional

This is our production process of organic manure at NATURAL MOUTONS. It is important to know the development of composting because it will indicate the final quality of the product. It is also convenient to analyze carefully the different parameters that express the information on a compost to determine its quality.

The most important parameters at the beginning of the process are the variety of manures, humidity, temperature, O2, and the C/N ratio.

Composting is a process of transformation of animal or vegetable manures (only animals in the case of NATURAL MOUTONS) into another product, which serves as soil fertilizer. In this process, physical and biological factors intervene.

During a year approximately the manures are decomposing little by little, appearing new compounds of different complexity that are assimilable by the plants or the crops.

The manufacture of compost is divided into the following three main phases:


Collection of organic matter in farms and pens


Fermentation, maturation and manufacturing process


Distribution of the organic manure to our clients


One of the key factors for obtaining a good final product is the monitoring of the entire chain of activity. The different phases of the process are composed of several milestones, forming the following process traceability:

Cleaning of farms and provision of beds:

NATURAL MOUTONS acts in livestock facilities, providing raw materials for livestock beds, extracting manure at the time the farmer needs it, and cleaning the facilities for total sanitation

Transportation to plant

Subsequently, the manure is transported to the plant by authorized trucks, where it is deposited and transformed by a natural composting process.


Fermentation and maturationn
This process can last from 4 to 10 months, depending on the weather, being totally traditional and transparent..

After the collection of organic matter in farms and pens, it is unloaded in our facilities to shape the lot

Here begins the period of composting, in which the humidity and temperature are controlled and, with continuous turn over, the aeration and oxygenation of the product is ensured, providing unbeatable conditions. During this phase, continuous analytics are carried out to guarantee a homogeneous wealth of the lot.

The long period of composting allows us to do without any industrial form that accelerates or slows down the process, and achieve parameters of NPK and humic acids that are difficult to match, with a very high percentage of organic matter.

During composting, the organic matter exceeds several times the 68º ensuring a total asepsis of germs and seeds in the final product. Once compost has been obtained with the desired texture, structure and richness, it is ready to serve our customers.

Always from non-intensive livestock farms according to the rules of regulation 2092/91